Some Things to Consider Prior to Liposuction

There are some things that one should consider prior to having the cosmetic surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat cells (liposuction) that have stored themselves in various places on your body. Take a look at the list below for some things that you should think about beforehand:

  • Choosing the procedure that you want done
  • Finding the overall cost
  • The possible side effects
  • The liposuction professional who will perform this operation
  • The recovery period
  • The things that you can do to keep your new look

There are many different techniques that are used in the removal of fat cells from your body, which is also known a cosmetic procedure called liposuction. As of this date, there are 14 different liposuction techniques that are used in this operation. Rather than list them all, they are mentioned under the technique they use. For further information on each one, do a search for more information.


Dry Technique- No anesthetic is used and is the least less used technique today

Wet Technique- These techniques use various strengths of anesthetics when the procedure takes place. Wet, Super Wet, Water Jet Assisted Liposuction

Ultrasonic Technique-Ultrasonic Technique as well as the Vaser method uses ultrasound waves to destroy fatty cells, the Ultrasonic Technique uses heat as well.

Laser Technique-Laser Liposuction, SmartLipo, CoolLipo, ProLipoPlus, LipoLite, LipoTherm and LipoControl all use some sort of laser to assist in the removal of fatty cells

Tumescent Technique-Liposuction by local anesthetic

Power-Assisted Techniques- Specially designed electric tools are used to aid in the removal of fatty deposits


The overall cost of this procedure depends on what technique you are having done and is dependant on what the specialist charges for each.

Side Effects-

The chance of having any side effects with having this procedure depends on the overall health of the patient. However, you could have an adverse effect to the anesthetic that is being used, skin irregularities, long healing period, fainting, hyper pigmentation, blisters, or bruising.

Choosing the Right Professional-

Choosing the right person to perform this operation is something that you will have to decide for yourself or between you and your loved one. It is advisable to visit a few of the specialists that do this procedure to get some general information about it. First off, look around the office for cleanliness, also glance around at the inner office, listen to the professional intently, to gauge their interest in what you have to say or questions that you need the answer for. Also judge their professionalism by whether or not they insist that you call them for further answers, should you think of something else that comes to mind. Professionals that do rush you in and out of office are truly in a time crunch. Most importantly, visit a few professionals before deciding who to choose to perform this procedure. Be judgmental in your choice. Only by doing this will you be satisfied in who is doing the liposuction procedure.

Recovery Period-

Each person takes their own time in recovering from this sort of procedure. This depends on their general overall health as well as their normal rate of recovery. Simply put, each person heals in their own time; however, there is a general time frame that is consistent with each different procedure.

Things That You Can Do to Keep Your New Look-

Some of the things that you can do to help keep your new look, looking new, is to get plenty of rest. Proper rest plays an important part in how you tired you look or feel. A diet plan is also beneficial to those who have had liposuction done. This will mean cutting out fatty foods, junk foods, and eating meals that are rich in nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. It is also recommended that you avoid alcohol and tobacco, decrease the amount of caffeine in your system and increase the daily amount of water that you drink. Moderate exercise is also important in keeping fit. Once the procedure in complete, implementing the above tips into your lifestyle will help you in maintaining the look of a BEAUTIFUL, NEW YOU!